Helping your children make the most of the time out of school

We’re into week four of being locked down and I must admit, it still doesn’t quite feel right. The Easter holidays have come and gone in a blur, and we’re now getting back into the swing of it.

As you will have seen if you are reading this, we have been working hard on revamping our website. We have also been considering ways in which we can expand our support network, enabling us to assist more children and families that may be struggling with home education, and have come up with some fresh ideas to offer assistance.


We have been exploring new ways of how we can help students continue their education. We are pleased to announce we are now offering a free support network for students and parents to contact us with queries and problems that may have arisen from home-schooling (failing to understand tasks that have been sent home, for example). We are only an email away.


We are also delighted to announce we are ready to unveil our new service: online webinars. These will be teacher-led lessons undertaken virtually, lasting between 20 and 30 minutes. Each lesson will have a different topic, and students will have opportunities to ask questions and complete tasks at the end of the lesson. We are hoping to start these from Monday 20th April, subject to interest levels. Further information can be found on our website, under the “Online Webinars” section. If you wish to register your interest, please get in touch.


While the lockdown has meant that we cannot do our usual in-home tuition, we are remaining busy with students continuing their education online. Our virtual lessons are interactive and offer students the chance to keep the momentum built from their previous lessons. It is perhaps even more important now, with schools remaining closed for the majority until further notice, that children and young people are given opportunities to resume their learning. We have students of all ages carrying on, safe in the knowledge that, once schools are back open to everybody, they will be in a stronger position with the confidence that regular lessons can instil. We are offering our 1-to-1 tuition at a reduced price for the time being, as we look to assist as many people as we can during these uncertain times. We understand that the lockdown has meant that a number of people will have had to stop working, and we are considering that with our discounted rate.

It is great to see that schools are continuing to supply work where possible, looking to keep on supporting their students as much as they can. I have seen some schools shift the majority of their timetable online, meaning the student’s day nearly mirrors normality. It is also excellent to see many celebrities step forward to offer their expertise; Joe Wicks’ morning workouts appear to have taken the country by storm which is fantastic to see.

It has been a very busy period despite the lockdown, as we pursue more ways in which we can support the future generation further. We hope that there is something on offer that is useful for you and your children.

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