Online Tuition - Is it effective?

The first half term of the 2020/21 academic year is now complete, and it has been an interesting one. In the current times, we have opted to continue the majority of our teaching virtually, with many students opting for this as their preference, over face-to-face teaching. There are a number of similarities between online and face-to-face tuition - naturally, the biggest difference is that we are not in the same room as our students! The feedback we have received from parents around our online sessions over the last seven months has been fantastic, and we really believe that it has a part to play in tuition in the future.


There are a number of benefits to the online tuition we offer. 2020 has taught us that online learning can see effectiveness levels equal, if not surpass, those reached in face-to-face tuition. Through Zoom, we have a visual and audio link to the students, so we can see them, just as we would for face-to-face learning. This allows us to maintain clear communication throughout lessons.


We also believe that student enjoyment levels, especially at primary level, are actually higher. With the internet readily available, we can incorporate a huge variety of resources - whether that may be a times table related game or even exploring the most recent GCSE past papers. Face-to-face tuition typically relies on a mass of paper and hard resources, whereas virtual learning allows itself for more variation within lesson time. We feel that student's respond well to this. We also believe it caters for more learning styles, allowing us to really work in a way that best suits that particular student.


Another benefit of online tuition, for all parties, is the increased flexibility. Lessons can take place anywhere, so if the student is not at home but with another family member, for example, they can take the lesson there. This may not always have been the case with face-to-face, especially if it is not pre-arranged.


Finally, at A2B we offer a slight reduction on our prices for online tuition. This is offered as we feel that it is helping us do our bit for the environment by not spending as much time in the driving seat. Despite the reduction, we do not compromise on quality, as our students progress and achievements are our most important goals.

We do still have a few slots available for online tuition, so if you are interested in starting your learning journey with us, or simply finding out further information, please get in touch - we'd be delighted to hear from you.


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