KS2 Maths Webinars - Second block of dates released

We have been continuing to work hard to provide a range of educational services for students of all ages during the lockdown.

With the most recent update from Boris Johnson suggesting students will be off school until June at the earliest, we will be continuing our Key Stage 2 Maths webinars until Friday 29th May 2020.

The webinars typically last for between 10-15 minutes, leaving some time for a Q&A at the end incase students wish to clarify something during the session. We do not mind if parents wish to sit through the webinar as well, so that they can see the methods shown throughout.

We are delving deeper into the National Curriculum for Y3/4 and then Y5/6, focusing on a range of topics within the curriculum. Each webinar is recorded and can be emailed to you after the session for reference.

The second block of dates are shown below:

Below are some of the frequently asked questions we've had regarding the webinars so far.

How much do the webinars cost?

The webinars cost just £2.00 per session, or you can book your place on all eight for £14.00.

How do I book a place?

Simply get in touch! We can take bookings via email, as well as sending further information about us and what we do.

What will my children need?

All they will need is themselves, a laptop/tablet with a Zoom account, a pen and paper! For some webinars, we may well send out additional learning materials prior to the sessions, if we deem it necessary. For information on how to set up a Zoom account (it’s free!), please get in touch.

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