Secondary Education

At A2B Education, we do not stop supporting children once they leave primary school. We continue to provide support for their English and Maths development through Key Stage 3. Whether your child finds his school work challenging or too easy, we can help to push them in the right direction, while continuing to work at their own pace. 

Key Stage 3 brings about new challenges - an introduction to tougher literature, developing and understanding a range of writing styles, as well as delving deeper into grammatical structures that underpin our language. In Maths, it provides children with a range of new concepts as well as developing those carried forward from primary school. We can certainly offer professional support and guidance should you feel your child needs a helping hand.


We believe that we can give your child the boost that they need to excel at school, by working in a more relaxed environment. Through our 1-to-1 tuition, we can really pinpoint those troublesome areas and iron out any confusion!

These sessions can be run from your home, online or at a neutral venue agreed prior to the session. 

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